non ho potere, lavoro un casino, ogni tanto mi rilasso

L’ho letto in inglese, sull’Ansa, e devo ammettere che fa tutto un altro effetto.

Ecco qui:

(ANSA) – Brussels, October 29 – Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi on Friday defended himself from suggestions of impropriety over a 17-year-old runaway Moroccan belly dancer he reportedly helped out of a scrape and said his flamboyant lifestyle would continue.

«No one can get me to change my lifestyle, which I’m proud of,» the 74-year-old Berlusconi told reporters at a European Union summit here.

«I’m a fun-loving guy, I love life and I love women».
«I have a wretched life, pushing on with superhuman effort, working until two thirty in the morning and getting up at seven.
Every now and then I need a relaxing evening».


«In Italy, the prime minister has no power».

Povero tesoro.
Non ha potere.
Lo lasceremo almeno consolarsi ogni tanto con una ragazzina, o siamo così merde da togliergli tutto il succo della vita, eh?